The Ultimate (Healthy) Sweet Tooth Baked Treat – Recipe

Some dogs like it sweet, while some dogs prefer it sour… If your pup has a great liking for sweet-tasting foods… This is The Ultimate (Healthy) Sweet Tooth Baked Treat:Doggy Carob Chip Baked Oats!Great as Birthday Cake or as Occasional Treat to simply show your dog how much you love them!⁠ Skip to the RecipeContinue reading “The Ultimate (Healthy) Sweet Tooth Baked Treat – Recipe”

Pancake Day: 3 Dog-Friendly Recipes

Raise your hand if you have been looking forward to this day: “Pancake Day“!I have and Pepper too! Yummy Pancakesss! But once again, we have the usual dilemma – can my dog eat Pancakes? The classic human recipe is not the best option for our dogs. Some ingredients such as sugar, baking powder, chocolate… CanContinue reading “Pancake Day: 3 Dog-Friendly Recipes”

Natural Vs Artificial Antioxidants

First Of All, What Are Antioxidants  “Antioxidants are compounds that inhibit oxidation. Oxidation is a chemical reaction that can produce free radicals, thereby leading to chain reactions that may damage the cells of organisms.” Oxidation is a naturally occurring chemical process, that produces molecules called free radicals, these molecules then react with and harm cells in theContinue reading “Natural Vs Artificial Antioxidants”

Garlic To Dogs – Yea or Nay?

In a previous post I mentioned Garlic among a list of optional ingredients to add for a delicious and healthy Bone Broth recipe for dogs.In this post I’d like to debunk the myth that Garlic should be avoided at all costs – in fact, you have nothing to fear and everything to gain in feedingContinue reading “Garlic To Dogs – Yea or Nay?”

Why Your Dog Needs Bone Broth

What is Bone Broth? Bone broth is an aromatic broth simmered with beef or poultry bones and vegetables. Before you start wondering… No, Stock and Bone Broth are not the same thing.Bone Broth and stock are similar but do have some fundamental differences, mainly to do with cooking times and temperature.The purpose of stock isContinue reading “Why Your Dog Needs Bone Broth”

Food and Behaviour – The Link

Excerpt of article by Veterinarian Chloe Ross. Food doesn’t just affect your dog’s health; you can improve behaviour too with the right diet. Along with adequate socialization, exercise and training we have learnt what dietary factors may support good brain health and behaviour. When we discuss behaviour in dogs, there are a few specific aspectsContinue reading “Food and Behaviour – The Link”