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Nutrition & Personalised Recipes

Whether you’re a raw-feeder, prefer cooked meals for your dog, or want to feed a mix of raw and cooked: custom recipes formulated for your individual dog, taking into consideration many factors including life stage, metabolic weight, exercise regimen, history, and more.
Recipes are formulated using NRC Nutrient Requirements for Dogs.
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Aromatherapy & Herbalism

Use of essential oils to restore or maintain health and well-being. Essentials oils are used therapeutically to treat behavioral and physical problems closely linked to Herbal medicine. Herbs are widely known to produce and contain a variety of chemical substances that act upon the body.
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Consult Call

Choose a phone consultation for any question you may have regarding your dog’s current diet.
It will allow you to learn more about nutrition for a better understanding of what your dog might need for optimal health.
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