SuperFoods For Your Dog

The term superfood is defined as “a food that is rich in compounds (such as antioxidants, fibre, or fatty acids) considered beneficial to the health.” Superfoods are known to be extremely beneficial for humans but can they boost your dog’s health, too? Absolutely YES! Some of the same ingredients in your diet can be ofContinue reading “SuperFoods For Your Dog”

Calming Dog Spray – Recipe

Something About Essential Oils “Essential oils contain a host of biologically active and powerful compounds. Used correctly, they are an indispensable part of integrative medical care.” – Veterinarian Dr Richard Palmquist. The first use of essential oils seems to be dating all the way back to the Ancient Egyptians.The highly skilled Egyptians used to extractContinue reading “Calming Dog Spray – Recipe”


Dogs And Dental Diseases

Dental disease in dogs, is one of the most common medical conditions, with over 80% of dogs over the age of three having active dental diseases. We know that ??????, the yellow or brown coloured deposit that forms when Plaque hardens on dogs’ teeth ??? ???? ?? ??????? ??????????, such as cavities and gum disease. But studies haveContinue reading “Dogs And Dental Diseases”


Cold, Wet, Powerful – Dog’s Nose FACTS

“Dogs noses are specifically adapted to function much better than ours” explains Dr. Michael T. Nappier, of the Virginia Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine. And below a few examples of the wonders those little powerful ‘machines’ can accomplish! ????? ????? ???? ???’? ???? ① The human nose contains about 6 million olfactory receptors that allowContinue reading “Cold, Wet, Powerful – Dog’s Nose FACTS”


Leaky Gut Syndrome

Preventing the source of allergies, joint pain, digestive diseases, cancer and more… It was the time that gut health became an important topic also when it comes to dogs. Poor gut health and related diseases, such as Increased Intestinal Permeability Syndrome (also called Leaky Gut Syndrome), it’s a condition that affects people and pets andContinue reading “Leaky Gut Syndrome”


Senior Dog Nutrition

My dear Pepper recently turned 10-years old and even if he still looks great I can not forget there are some less visible changes that come with age; body and digestion start changing and the immune system may need some extra support. It seems to happen overnight… One day, your dog is running crazy likeContinue reading “Senior Dog Nutrition”


Natural Vs Artificial Antioxidants

First Of All, What Are Antioxidants  “Antioxidants are compounds that inhibit oxidation. Oxidation is a chemical reaction that can produce free radicals, thereby leading to chain reactions that may damage the cells of organisms.” Oxidation is a naturally occurring chemical process, that produces molecules called free radicals, these molecules then react with and harm cells in theContinue reading “Natural Vs Artificial Antioxidants”

Health Benefits Of Exercising

Physical and Social Exercise is a necessary part of your dog’s well-being.Going for walks is essential for dogs’ health: tones muscles, lubricates joints – which decreases pain and stiffness, and keeps heart and lungs fit.This applies to every breed, from the smallest to the biggest. I often hear of very small dogs taken for walksContinue reading “Health Benefits Of Exercising”


Phytoplankton, What Is It?

Today, I would like to introduce something to you that may sound unusual, but if you reach the end of this article, I am sure this little known addition will become one of the favourite features in your dog’s meals… What Are Phytoplanktons Phytoplanktons are tiny bunches of algae and bacteria that sustain the entire ocean. TheyContinue reading “Phytoplankton, What Is It?”


Turmeric Golden Paste

What Is It? Turmeric Paste (or Golden Paste) is a miracle paste that can be used both by people and pets. Turmeric Paste is an aromatic, turmeric-based paste. It typically contains a combination of turmeric powder, an oil base, ground black pepper and water. This magic mixture is widely known for the following benefits: ItContinue reading “Turmeric Golden Paste”


Dog Food: 10 Truths

Excerpt of article by Julia Henriques. 40% of dogs are obese…47% of dogs now die of cancer…Heart, kidney and liver diseases are epidemic… Like people, dogs are what they eat. Save your dog a lot of suffering, and save yourself a fortune in vet bills, by learning the truth about your dog’s diet. Here are 10Continue reading “Dog Food: 10 Truths”


Handling Essential Oils Safely For Dogs

Excerpt of article by Julia Henriques. Essential oils for dogs is a popular topic. Everyone’s quick to recommend them for almost every issue, from arthritis to separation anxiety.  Aromatherapy can help with your dog’s mental, physical and emotional well-being. But the essential oil blends we use might not produce the same reaction in every dog. UnderstandingContinue reading “Handling Essential Oils Safely For Dogs”

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