Natural Care For Your Dog’s Eyes

In some cases of simple infection or irritation, a herbal wash can clear the problem immediately. In other cases, conditions such as chronic runny eyes, cataracts, glaucoma etc indicate an underlying unbalance. Prevention Starts With Diet Prevention is Always the Best Cure and a fresh, varied diet is the first step to promote and maintainContinue reading “Natural Care For Your Dog’s Eyes”

Calm Your Dog’s Upset Stomach Naturally

Just recently, Pepper suffered from an upset tummy and I thought to share some natural remedies to help other dog parents deal with the same. Some symptoms your dog may experience when suffering from tummy troubles are just the same as with us humans: vomiting and/or diarrhoea, flatulence, stomach noises, appetite loss, and changes inContinue reading “Calm Your Dog’s Upset Stomach Naturally”

Calendula For Dogs – The Benefits

Calendula has a long history of use and it should be one of the first herbs to consider in minor first aid situations. External Use Compounds in the flowers help speed cell reproduction and inhibit bacteria and fungi on the injury’s area.  A Calendula salve (or alternatively water infusion) is excellent in case of minorContinue reading “Calendula For Dogs – The Benefits”

Calming Dog Spray – Recipe

Something About Essential Oils “Essential oils contain a host of biologically active and powerful compounds. Used correctly, they are an indispensable part of integrative medical care.” – Veterinarian Dr Richard Palmquist. The first use of essential oils seems to be dating all the way back to the Ancient Egyptians.The highly skilled Egyptians used to extractContinue reading “Calming Dog Spray – Recipe”

Natural Remedies for Coughing in Dogs

When your dog coughs, you may think he has a cold, especially as the temperature starts to drop. And that may be what it is…Common cold is not just for people: dogs can get colds too! Like humans, there are many viruses that can cause coughing and cold-like symptoms in dogs. But it is alsoContinue reading “Natural Remedies for Coughing in Dogs”

Handling Essential Oils Safely For Dogs

Excerpt of article by Julia Henriques. Essential oils for dogs is a popular topic. Everyone’s quick to recommend them for almost every issue, from arthritis to separation anxiety.  Aromatherapy can help with your dog’s mental, physical and emotional well-being. But the essential oil blends we use might not produce the same reaction in every dog. UnderstandingContinue reading “Handling Essential Oils Safely For Dogs”