The Link Between Herbs And Diet


Adding herbs to your dog’s diet can have a huge impact on his health and wellbeing…

But… Yes, there is a BUT… 

To use herbs at their best potential you must first take on an overall natural approach that cares for your dog’s general wellbeing, including body, mind and spirit.

The essence of complete wellness is… A Good Diet.
Without a healthy and balanced nutrition, the use of herbs for medicinal purposes will end up being a waste of money and time. 

That said if you are providing your dog with a fresh and healthy diet, a safe environment, mental stimulation and physical excise, the use of herbs will go a long way! 

A properly functioning and healthy body will be able to prevent diseases and heal itself. However, sometimes it will need an extra boost… That’s when herbs can become really effective, serving as a supplement to good nutrition and helping the body to use its natural resources more efficiently. 

Herbal Supplement Recipe For General Wellbeing

Herbal Supplement Recipe for General Wellbeing :
(dried herb formula, combine equals parts of the following) 

  • spirulina
  • nettle
  • dandelion leaf
  • alfalfa
  • flaxseed (powdered) 

Feed 1 teaspoon per half a kilo (pound) of food fed daily.

This supplement will complement your dog’s diet with a concentration of easily absorbable protein, vitamin C, B complex (including B12), vitamin A (beta-carotene form), vitamin E, vitamin K, iron, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and Omega-3 fatty acids. 

Choose Natural Over Synthetic

Choose natural supplements over synthetic ones.
Your dog’s body will not absorb the synthetic version of a nutrient as well as the natural counterpart, putting great stress on the liver, kidneys and digestive tract.

Note: take your time to find the right supplier for your herbs.
Herbs should be grown organically and preferably locally.


Your Dog Deserves His Best Life…

A Healthy Outside Starts From The Inside!