Comfort Blankets

Comfort blankets offer a form of touch pressure that feels like a hug. This kind of stimulation has been found to calm puppies with anxiety.

Chunky wool blankets, designed to be warm and to provide gentle pressure to a small dog or puppy, mimicking the feeling of being touched, this light pressure has a calming, soothing effect on the dog’s mood. It will have similar effects on dogs with anxiety and stressed.

First use (and every time it will require washing) – wash the comfort blanket in lukewarm water and on gentle cycle, no detergents, once dry, hold it close to you for few minutes.
The blanket will contain your smell on it. Dogs come from the ancestral line of wolves and have a strong sense of smell. Since wolves are pack animals, they recognize members of their pack by each individual’s personal scent. They also do everything together as one group from sleeping to hunting and even eating together. With that being said, your dog may feel lonely or a bit lost when you go out or off to work. He will absolutely love his/her comfort blanket with your scent on it.

For an extra touch, in case your dog suffers of separation anxiety, I recommend spraying the blanket about an hour before leaving, with organic lavender hydrosol (suitable for long term use, puppies and senior dogs).

Great for personal use or as a gift to another fellow dog lover ♡

Size: 25×25 inches (about 63.5×63.5 cm)

Made to order, please allow a week to despatch – for more colour or size options don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Available for purchase at Etsy

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